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Merry Christmas, Soul!

I know this is a time when you probably recall the age old story of Jesus' birth...the Manger, the Star, the Wise Men from the East, the gifts they brought...all that magical stuff! But what if I told you that you don't ever have to wait until Dec. 25 to experience the joy of Christmas? You can have this experience every day! Yup! Let's take that "Star": you're IT! It's the reminder of your Divinity. You don't have to turn to the "East" to find it; just look within - that's where it is! As to those "Wise Men" have them in spades! Think about them as that often ignored "intuition". That's all a part of this...those stored up resources you have within that surface and stir up your innate "Gifts" and guide you towards your good. And guess what? Your ultimate good is the realization of the birth of the Christ Presence within you! How powerfully cool is that! So as you enjoy the symbolism that the season brings, don't ever forget that this is a reminder that you have the awesome blessing of celebrating the birth of the Christ Presence within you...right now! You have the Divine right to declare "My soul magnifies the Lord, and my Spirit rejoices..." And anytime you can do that, it's Christmas! And that's Glad Tidings ...of great Joy! Merry Christmas, Soul! Namaste, my friends!

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