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Mindful Living offers you INtime™

Holistic Wellness Programs and Coaching for a Mindful and Balanced Life


Welcome to INtime™ a special time of inner peace and renewal. INtime™ is a holistic wellness program that offers you the opportunity to achieve balance and equilibrium in all areas of your life through coaching, education, guided relaxation, guided meditation, guided visualization/imagery, conscious breath and a special journaling component designed for girls and women of all ages and stages. The ultimate goal is for you to be empowered to take control of your life and to achieve Mindful Living.


                             Guided Relaxation

                            Experience the benefits of deep relaxation of mind and body


Using the spoken word and soothing ocean sounds, you are guided into a total physical relaxation of the body – from the crown of the head to the soles of the feet. Relaxation prepares the body and ultimately the mind to cope with the stresses and tensions that one may encounter in everyday life.



                             Guided Visualization/Imagery

                            Imagine it…create it!


With the help of powerful words, soothing music and nature sounds, you are guided into a world of possibilities. Music and sounds complement the description of places and events, all written to stimulate the imaging faculty and release creativity. The objective is to reinforce the power of thought and imagination.


Personalized visualization/imagery exercises for all age levels can be designed on request.


                             Guided Meditation

                            Discover that inner place of peace and stillness


Against a backdrop of soothing music, or if you prefer a backdrop of silence, you are guided into an inner place of peace and stillness.  The words used in each meditation exercise have been prayerfully written, and convey ideas that are reminders of the inner strength with which we are all endowed.



                             Conscious Breath



This phase of the program focuses on the breath, and enables you to be aware of how you breathe, and the importance of proper breathing.  It also provides the perfect entrance in the other INtime™ exercises, as it calms and prepares the body for the total INtime™ experience.


                             The Journal Experience

                            Reflect and Express


The Journal Experience is designed for girls and women of all ages and stages. As little girls, many of us learn myths about “knights in shining armor”, and for some, those knights never come. Or we wait for our “Mr. Right” without grasping the concept that before he comes it is important to develop the “Ms. Right” within us—making sure we first accept and appreciate ourselves! The Journal Experience is simple yet profound, and although it is multifaceted and can involve everyone (men and women), the powerful “Sweet Talk”™ speaks to the woman, as a guide to “loving herself” first.

Rock Balancing
Rock Balancing
Meditation by the Sea
Notebook and Pen
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