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Holistic Employee Wellness

Nurturing the Spirit, Mind, and Body at Work


Employers, are you interested in your employees’ well-being and creativity? Both are inseparable! It is no secret that employees who are healthy in Spirit, mind and body are more productive, more motivated and more creative.  As a result, they are able to make more positive contributions to your bottom line.


With rising health care costs, your organization does not have to suffer because of absenteeism due to stress related illnesses. Let me show you how to cost-effectively implement simple yet powerful wellness techniques that will empower your employees to live balanced and healthy lives. These techniques are offered in the INtime™ wellness program, and can be customized to fit your organizational needs. 


                             Stress Reduction through Guided Relaxation


Your employees sometimes face many levels of stress on and off the job. When they come into your organization, they do not necessarily compartmentalize themselves so that off-the-job stresses do not interfere with productivity. Not many of us are able to do this. Through simple but focused relaxation exercises, your employees are better able to handle the challenges life throws at them, and therefore better able to perform their jobs.


                             Stimulate creativity through Guided Visualization/Imagery


What if your teams could see themselves achieving their goals before they actually do? This applies to both personal and organizational goals. How would this affect their value to you? How might this affect the way they approach their tasks? Let me create visualization/imagery exercises to help your employees stimulate their own creativity and enhance their desire to succeed…in business and in life.


                             Gain inner peace and confidence through Guided Meditation


No, this is not about “religion” in your workplace, but rather it is about discovering that personal, inner strength that we all need to succeed. Confidence is transferable, so employees who are taught how to believe in themselves and to tap into their strengths, typically bring these same qualities to their work, particularly in an environment that creates a safe space for them to so do. Allow me to show you how to give your employees the choice to explore the empowering techniques of meditation.


                            Achieve and maintain composure with Conscious Breathing


Much of the workplace stresses produces fear, anger, and violence, among other negative emotions. I can teach your employees simple breathing techniques and show you how you can encourage them to simply “breathe”! Sounds simple? It is…but powerful!

Meditation Class
Meditation Class
Couple Meditating
Girl Relaxing
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