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Easter…A Time of Renewal.

Easter has always been an interesting time for me. I recall that as a child, it always made me sad, and recently I was telling someone that I could not recall a “Good Friday” that was not gloomy. It just seemed like the sun never shone on that day. Maybe it was the sadness in the biblical accounts of the events leading up to, and the crucifixion. Maybe it was sitting in church for 3 hours listening to the minister droning on and on. Maybe it was the silence; as I recall no one (but the minister) spoke on that day…it seems. Then on Easter Sunday, everything slowly came to life again. It’s safe to say Easter was not my favorite time.

Thankfully, over the years I have come to see Easter in a different light. My spiritual growth led me to see this time as one of reflection and renewal. This year, I looked at Easter and the accounts of Jesus’ experiences as a metaphor for my life. There are times of uncertainty when I’m looking for answers which never seem to come. I may ask for help from those I love and trust. I pray and meditate earnestly. I go into the “garden” alone, since no one or nothing can help. I pray for the tough times to pass, but they don’t seem to. Truth be told sometimes they seem to multiply. I feel assailed like I’m bearing a burden – like I’m literally carrying my own heavy cross. Like crucifixion day, I feel battered and bruised and so I surrender. I enter what seems like a tomb of darkness and uncertainty. The obstacles seem insurmountable – immovable, much like I imagine that stone at Jesus’ tomb to be. But even in that uncertainty, something, which I will call Grace, keeps me reassured that this too will pass. The obstacles will be removed as I remember who and whose I am. And sure enough, a path is cleared and I am able to rise from the tomb of doubt, fear, and limitation, and see the good that is ready and waiting for me.

I rise, triumphant…renewed. And the awesome thing about this is that I can experience this renewal over and over again. So Easter is no longer scary, and it does not come just once a year. It is Easter for me every time I can face and overcome a challenge, coming out on the other side renewed in spirit, mind, and body. This Easter, I pray that you too are renewed. Happy Easter!


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