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Happy Thanksgiving! As you celebrate with family and friends, I encourage you to consider Thanksgiving as so much more than a "national" event that is recognized one Thursday in one month each year; I want us to see thanksgiving as an "intentional" action that is taken every day of the year. The charge is to "give thanks in ALL things". All things? Yes! It is so easy to be grateful when things are going great in our lives, but it takes a truly faithful and understanding heart to give thanks even when it appears that things aren't going so great. When you express gratitude even in the face of seeming limitations, you send a message to the universe that you are ready to receive all the good it has for you. Give thanks for perfect health even when the experts give you their diagnoses to the contrary. Give thanks for financial abundance even as you pull lint from your pockets. Give thanks for the perfect employment even as you send out one more resume. Give thanks for perfect relationships even as you feel the seeming disappointments of past ones. You see, you are made in the image and likeness of that which is absolute good, and It knows nothing about all these maladies that you and I claim. It knows only Itself. It knows only good. So it follows then that good is your Reality, and giving thanks affirms this Reality. What if we made it a practice to celebrate Thanksgiving every day…no matter what? I believe, with all my heart, that this will set in motion all the immutable universal laws that cannot fail you! Remember the universe is rigged in your favor, so give thanks and enjoy all the rewards that thanksgiving brings. I'm thankful for you!

Live well! Live blessed!

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