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Stop Squeezing!

Today I had to remind myself of something that I want to remind you of. We are never given a Divine Idea that is not already clothed with success. If it were not possible, we could not have imagined it in the first place. Often our desires and dreams seem to go unfulfilled because we put so many conditions on them. We try to manipulate every detail rather than follow the Law and trust the process. We fret and complain and just dam up the flow.

However, there is always good news. We can stop overthinking and driving ourselves crazy. Just breathe for a minute and allow the instructions to flow uninhibited. Holliwell, in his book Working with the Law gives a great analogy, “The mind is like a sponge. We squeeze it hard with our anxious thoughts, but not until we can release the pressure and allow the sponge to take its normal shape can it become absorbent and receptive again.” I’m a visual learner, so this paints a great picture for me!

My message to me and you today is to STOP SQUEEZING…relax…that idea that we have been given has success written all over it!. Trust the Law, follow the process, and please—STOP SQUEEZING!

Namaste, my friends!

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