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Nature's D-Light!

The Universe is amazing! It puts us in the midst of our experiential learning whenever and wherever! As I gave my house plants some nourishing love recently, I noticed something interesting. No matter where the plants are positioned, they have one thing in common: they are all bending and growing towards their Source of existence - that light- however they have to get there. The orchid by the window is putting out her bloom, and whether or not the blinds are closed, and no matter how I re-position her so her flower can be more visible, that beauty turns towards the window. There is another plant in a position, away from the light, and he's just creeping towards the main source of light, however he can. Every other plant is doing the same thing...moving to that light. All I could do was give thanks for the reminder that there is a powerful Source always illuminating my way...always guiding me towards It as the Source of my good. I'm not always aware of It, but It's there...always available. So just as my plants reminded me, I remind you that Divine Light (D-Light as I'm calling It) is always available to you; always waiting to provide you with the guidance and energy you need to BE. Allow It to guide you today...and always. Namaste, my friends!

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