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Spring forward into newness!

I love Spring! It serves as a reminder of the strength and wisdom that exist in the living forms around us, and more importantly, of the strength and wisdom that lie within us. How so? Well, for those of us who believe that we are all connected and are each a vital note in this harmonious melody that is the Uni-verse - the one song - the changes in nature represent the changes in us. And for me, Spring is a wonderful reminder of this.

I know that with everything that seems to be happening around us (and it only appears that way because it is happening within us, but that conversation is for another time!!), it is hard to remember that the Universe is orderly; but it is. Spring follows Winter, a time when nature seems to die, and although those of us in the "tropics" do not see much evidence of that, in many places, what was once lush, verdant lands gradually appear barren and desolate. It's hard to imagine that some of the trees and shrubs could possibly survive the weight and fury of snow and ice. But they do. In a few months what seemed to have died springs forth with new life and even more glorious than before. It is no accident that in the Spring many people celebrate the crucifixion and the resurrection; yet another symbol of seeming death and new life. So it is with us.

In order for us to experience new beginnings, and gain fresh, new perspectives, we have to "die to the old". And I do not mean a physical death, but rather we must be willing to release what we have in order to get what we need. Our "winters" may appear to be tough and burdensome, but they offer us the opportunity to do some spiritual "hibernation" - to rest (our "tomb" experience, if you will!), renew, and recharge as we prepare our consciousness to receive new directions and experiences. We have been created with the innate strength to let go of the things that have served their purposes in our lives - or not - and the wisdom to embrace the new gifts that make us better. Therein lies the secret to our wholeness. Now you see why I love Spring. It is a reminder to me that my life is a glorious process, and I need not be afraid of the changes that must come.

So go ahead! Spring forward into your grand and fabulously new life!!

Live well! Live blessed!

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