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EXPECTATIONS...Such an interesting word!!

In my search for answers as to why I seem to repeatedly have the same experiences - different stage...different actors...seemingly different story lines...same experiences - I had to stare down some painful but cathartic Truths. One of them is something that I like to tell others, but never seem to realize that I am not living my own advice. I often remind them that it's not people, conditions, or circumstances that hurt them, disappoint them, or break their hearts; it's their

EXPECTATIONS that do all those things. Intellectually I knew this, but it's just in the last couple of years that I truly GOT it!!

I found myself in situations where my disappointments turned to resentments which bordered on bitterness, and I realized that I had no business expecting people to be anything but who they are. I was not put on this earth to "change" anyone but me. All I can do is let my light shine and if others are drawn to it, it is simply lighting the way for their own transformation - which may look totally different than what I "expect". That word again - expect! It took sky-rocketing blood pressure, vertigo, and some other unpleasant physical experiences for me to re-member that these were nothing more than my not minding my own spiritual business! So I have decided to free myself. I'll let you be you. I'll extricate myself from situations that do not serve my highest good, and just keep it moving!

So if when next you see me it looks like I'm not joining you in trying to change the people around you, you're right! I'm not. I have too much work to do on me. I'm busy re-discovering me and falling in love with me all over again. My highest expectations are for me. I like it!

Namaste, my friends!

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