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My Assurance (Psalm 23 revisited)

The Divine Presence within me is my guide therefore I lack no-thing.

It makes me rest in a consciousness of abundance;

It leads me into the peace and quietness of my soul.

It steers me onto the right paths, according to Its Will for me.

Yes, I sometimes pass through some seemingly dark and troubling times

but I am not afraid because that Presence is with me.

It is my support, my strength, my comfort.

It shows me success even in the face of seeming doubt and negativity.

It fills me up in such a way that I seem to overflow with unspeakable joy.

I know for sure that nothing but good shall be my experience

And I intend to dwell in a consciousness of prosperity, always and forever.

And so it is!

(Written for "Balance: Meditations and Prayers for Everyday Life", featured on the "products" page)

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