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Aaaah...the Power of Silence!

Aaaah the power of silence!!! In my quiet time this morning I had one of those "aha" moments when I was re-minded that there is a huge difference between POWER and FORCE. POWER (real - NOT perceived power), is that energy that vibrates at the highest frequency and when I access it, it urges and often propels me to live from my highest and best ideals. It is that inner oomph that lets me know, that I know, that I know - no matter what the outer appearances may be screaming at me. It produces calm in the face of...whatever! FORCE, on the other hand, requires movement and therefore there must always be counter-force, which means it is operating at a lower vibration and requires me to expend more energy. This often leaves me drained, tired, and often ticked-off, even if I achieve seeming success. POWER says "Be still and KNOW..."; FORCE says "fight, compete, get yours, give them a piece of your mind...” So if I'm fighting, competing, getting mine, and in the process losing my mind, is it any wonder I am exhausted? Is it any wonder I am enervated rather that energized after what was supposed to be a "victory"?

So this is about me...yes? Or can you identify? This weekend I'm taking some time out to consciously watch my thoughts and actions, and to harness the POWER of those that energize and uplift me. It will mean I have to quickly identify those thoughts that are draining me and remember that POWER thoughts energize; FORCE thoughts enervate. If you are seeking peace, then feel free to join me on this journey from FORCE to POWER. Have a POWER-filled weekend. Better yet, have a POWER-filled life.


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