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The Power of Simplicity

Not so long ago, as I waded through my journals from the early nineties, something struck me. I noticed that the meditations I recorded back then were powerful, and what made them so was their simplicity and unpretentiousness. They were not clouded by ego or by my desire to prove how much "Truth" I knew. In fact, it was my honesty in acknowledging that I knew nothing that now makes those writings seem so powerful. I tell myself that I don’t write poetry, but I even found something so simple, penned in 1993 that answered some questions I have today. It said:

I couldn’t pray

I just didn’t seem to know what to say

That still small voice echoed

‘You don’t have to say anything

I already know everything’.

I know that some of us, in our efforts to be “good Truth students”, try not to look back too much. But there are things we need to look back on – things that can help to propel us forward now. As I read through my writings from the nineties, trying to select some pieces for a special project, I realized it was not even about the “project”. The simple words leapt off the pages of my old journals and stood in my face as a testament that Truth is not complicated. Rather it is honest, real, and good. It occurred to me that many of my seeming challenges may be the result of my trying too hard, when all I need to do is to let God be God in me. It reminded me of the prophet Elijah who went searching for God. It was not in the earthquake, the wind nor the fire, but in the simplicity of the ‘still, small voice’.

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