See me for who I AM

February 18, 2019


I don't usually write poetry, but sometime ago, in one of my more "lucid" moments, a poem slipped out:




When you look at me who do you see

A woman, a stranger, a wonder

But what does it matter.

Does the color of my skin offend you

Or does it make you more curious?

Do you wonder how much money I make

Or how many smiles I fake?

Do you wonder what makes me happy or if I ever am?

Could we be friends or is that a stretch?

But what does it matter if in your musings you already know me

Based on what you think you see.

Instead of wondering, why not ask me with a smile, a welcome

A look of love, a warm embrace.

Then, only then might you see that like you

I have hopes, big dreams, deep desires, cherished memories

Trusted families, childhood friends

A beating heart, fears, tears, a Spirit within.

Look at me without judgment

Then and only then might you see me for who I AM.


Yvonne P. Morris

© 2007, 2019

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